Regarding your own goals, did you have a similar illusion of how easily you believed you would achieve success?


澳门永利官网线路大全   Despite that illusion, do you continue to take one small but enthusiastic step forward at a time? duanwenw.com By doing that, have you also discovered that not only are you gradually changing your own life, but you are changing other people’s lives as well?

澳门永利官网线路大全   虽然有错觉,你是否依然每次谨慎而又坚定地向前迈进呢?英语励志短文有此一举,你是否发现你在逐渐改变自己人生的同时,也在改变他人的生活呢?

  Don’t let your dreams be destroyed by shallow illusions.


澳门永利官网线路大全   The greatest of lives are all made in the same way: one challenge ... one obstacle ... one step ... and one small victory at a time.



  Each time something in our life ends, it creates room for a new experience.

澳门永利官网线路大全   人生之事每有终结,便会产生新的体验空间;而每一次新的体验空间都留存着一块踏脚石。

澳门永利官网线路大全   Within each new experience is a stepping-stone. Some are small stones and others are big ones. Some are fun and some are tiring, but with each passing day we learn why we are here, what our duty is, and why different people come in and out of our lives.

澳门永利官网线路大全   有的是碎石,有的是巨砾;有的情趣盎然,有的枯燥无味。然而,时日逝去,我们懂得了为何而生,责任何在,他人又因何出入我们的生活。

澳门永利官网线路大全   Each time a relationship ends or we leave a relationship, we must examine ourselves, our hearts and our souls. duanwenw.com What brought us to this person to begin with? How did we attract them into our lives? How did they bring us into their reality and why? Each step is part of the journey of finding out who we really are, why we were brought here, and why we go through pain sometimes.

澳门永利官网线路大全   一种关系要终结,或者我们要离弃一种关系之时,我们必须查问自身,剖析内心,细究灵魂。是什么使我们开始与此人有了瓜葛?我们是如何吸引他们走入我们的生活?他们又是如何把我们引入他们的现实生活?其原因何在呢?

  We must first work on the inside and the outside will follow. Think about it. What is truly your life’s duty? Do everything you can to do it. It’s a journey. duanwenw.com Take the adventure.

澳门永利官网线路大全   人生的每一步都孕育在发现自我本原、探索人生由来、探究受苦之因的旅程之中。我们先要加强内在修养,然后外在形象也会随之改观。好好思考:人生的职责究竟是什么?竭尽全力去完成它。人生既然是一次旅程,那就大胆去探险吧。

  You have gone through many rough periods in your life, and many wonderful times too. You have helped people through their rough periods. You know what to do.

澳门永利官网线路大全   你的人生经历了坎坷,也活出了精彩。你也助人度过了难关。你熟知你的使命。

  You keep on getting right to the finish line and then you stop. Keep going this time. Cross that line. duanwenw.com You are deserving and capable. Sometimes if we just work on removing anger, everything else will flow.


澳门永利官网线路大全   You are loved, dear one. This is the beginning of a beautiful future. Someone loves you and will be there for you. Always remember that we are never alone!



  Are you looking for a great opportunity? Well, you can stop searching because it is here.


  The greatest opportunity that anyone could possibly hope for can be yours. duanwenw.com You don’t have to make a cash investment. You don’t even have to fill out an application form. This incredible opportunity can work for you no matter what your educational or professional background, no matter what your level of physical ability might be, duanwenw.com and no matter what skills you possess.


  The opportunity in front of you is commonly called "TODAY". This opportunity is full of power and has the potential to deliver whatever you desire. Your grand opportunity is here and now. It is in the precious, irreplaceable3 hours and moments which make up this day. Whatever the clock may read, today is just beginning. In front of you are 24 fresh and available hours until this time tomorrow, and there is so very much you can do with them. Today is an opportunity of the grandest proportions. No one, no matter how rich, famous, powerful or successful, duanwenw.com has an opportunity available to them with more potential than you have today.

澳门永利官网线路大全   摆在你面前的绝好的机会通常叫做"今天"。这个机会充满着力量,你渴望得到什么,它就可能带给你什么。你的绝好机会就在此时此地。它寄身于宝贵的、无法替代的组成今天的分分秒秒中。不管时钟的指针指向哪个地方,今天即是开始。在你面前的是24个新鲜的、伸手可及的小时,而且你可以利用它们来完成很多的事情。今天就是绝好的机会,而且是最足份额的。没有人,不管他多富有、多出名、多有能耐、多么成功,会比你在今天更有潜力去得到机会。

澳门永利官网线路大全   In fact, you have the very same day available to you as the most successful person alive —on the very same day. Seize it, live it, and make it into something great.

澳门永利官网线路大全   事实上,你与活着的最成功人士共享同一天。抓住它、过好它、把它变成奇迹。

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